November 17, 2014

Scientific Calculator - Free Android Source Code


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About Scientific Calculator

A calculator for all purposes. Now try calculation with scientific calculator on your android devices. Works on three different modes � Float, Fixed and Scientific and calculate almost all scientific and non scientific calculations in a fly.

More Features

  • Ability to remove in-app purchase with just changing one value.
  • Supportable for both phones and tablets.
  • Customise the number of digits you want in the answer.
  • App rater which will ask user to rate app after x days.
  • Saves your state of mode and angle type (deg or rad) last used.
  • Allows user to keep their screen on while using.
  • Hide or show notification bar in the app.
  • Horizontal scrollable display to suppport small screen phones.

What you get

  • JAVA, XML and APK files.
  • Extra button pack (containing more png files other than used in app).
  • PSD photoshop files for app logo and graphics used in app.
  • Necessary Library Files required for applications.


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