November 17, 2014

Beetle Smasher Game With AdMob - Free Android Source Code


 Beetle Smasher Game With AdMob - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Game Description Beetle Smasher is a timekiller game with infinitive number of levels. The player�s task is to kill beetles tapping on them. Beetles are moving to the bottom of the screen and if one of them eats a piece of cake, the player loses 1 life. Bees make the game harder, player loose when tap them.
Project Description � This game created with Java and AndEngine using Eclipse IDE. � The project contains full source code with images, sounds and fonts. � The game is very easy to reskin. � Project contains Quick Start (step by step instructions) pdf file.
Features: � Supports Android 2.3+ � Admob integrated (Banner and Interstetial) � Uses AndEngine GLES2 Anchor Center (Latest Version) � Infinitive number of levels � A lot of moving algorithms for beetles � Google Play Services LeaderBoard integrated � 5 hand-drawn animated insects png included


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