November 17, 2014

Classic iOs Match-3-Game - Free Android Source Code


 Classic iOs Match-3-Game (FREE and PAID version!)  - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

We are offering a real deal here. This classical Match-3-Game offers you a FREE version including InAppPurchase to unlock the FULL version and of course the FULL version. And to make things even better: it is an UNIVERSAL app for iPad and iPhone. So with buying this item you get 4 apps for one price!
In this a classic match-3 game in which players must rescue a magical well from an invasion of fluffy little monsters. Three monsters of the same color must be tapped to make them disappear. But thanks to the realistic physics engine, the little beasts follow the natural laws of water, demanding logical thinking and foresighted action from players. Only when three or more of the round monsters are touching can they be chased off by tapping. Players are helped by special bombs, which cause the little monster to explode. If the well fills with monsters, the level is lost and has to be played again. The 10 exciting levels demand tactics and thinking, because only large groups of monster score serious points. But be careful, the bombs can also destroy those groups and endanger your high score.
- Addictive match-3-game - Real water-physics based puzzle - 3 types of bombs - 10 challenging levels - Highscore lists - Achievements - Free light version for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Universal app that runs on iPhone and iPad
Please note that there is also an ANDROID version of this app available we will also offer here. If you want to maximize your audience and earnings than this is the perfect deal for you!

What are the reskinning criteria?

This is very simple, just change the graphics and the sounds and used IDs (if any) and rename the game and that�s it.
The game has been developed in Adobe Flash and then publish for iOS (and Android) by AIR. Really simple and easy to do.
Please note: If you would like to use these 2 apps for what they were made of (=earning money) you need to purchase the EXTENDED license. With the regular license you can just publish the app(s) for free and can�t sell them. Please check carefully Envatos license guidelines for this to avoid any problems. Many thanks!

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